BYL is London's leading hot yoga specialist, offering a core set of warm and hot yoga styles in a room heated to between 35 and 42 degrees (the exact temperature is based on the specific class). The heat, while challenging, also creates the 'magic' that makes our yoga so special. So, what exactly are the benefits of the heat?


    Let's face it, while there are times we may have to practise in a cooler setting, no 'hot yoga' class would be quite the same without that beautiful heat! We enjoy a state-of-the art heating system that creates a carefully controlled climate, ranging in temperature from 35-42 degrees depending on the type of yoga class. Our system also ensures a constant flow of fresh, filtered air to open up your breathing to wonderful highs.    

    Studies have shown that heat can be highly synergistic with exercise, allowing the body to operate more optimally, ensuring you're getting the most return out of your exercise routine.  While conventional wisdom states that a typical Bikram yoga class can result in a 1000 calorie burn or more, 1400 calories in a single session is not unheard of. This is perhaps why so many Bikram yoga practitioners say they can often begin to feel and see the results within their first few hot yoga classes! The heat brings significant benefits, allowing for more effective muscle relaxation and blood circulation enabling deeper, more fluid stretching and minimising risk of injury.


    The all-important HEAT during our yoga classes also strengthens the cardiovascular system by increasing the heart rate, while massaging the deep tissues, glands and organs resulting in significant improvement of all systems and elimination of toxins. 

    It further speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids, accelerating the fat burning effects of the yoga. Another amazing benefit of the heat is that it enables you to work up a sweat more quickly, helping your clean pores and create healthier, younger looking skin along with a beautiful radiant yoga glow.

    You may find that the heat is a challenge at first, but it will quickly get easier, so stick with it and enjoy the benefits as so many millions do around the world!

    Come #GetYourSweatOn