Lottie Ormerod

"Let go of your fear. Embrace the change that is about to come."


Instagram: @lottiebyogi

Newly graduated with a degree in Physical Theatre, which includes acrobatics, trapeze, circus skills and even stage combat, I was drawn to intensive routines that would give me an edge, pushing my flexibility to new limits, while toning and strengthening my core. I discovered Bikram yoga through a fellow actor who was raving endlessly about this original style of hot yoga that had helped him in his own career. Curious, I had to give it a try. I had little idea that my journey into Bikram yoga would bring me benefits far beyond a healthier, fitter body. 

I had lived with lifelong claustrophobia and anxiety, so severe that I had never been on the Tube in my life and would travel on airplanes only under hypnosis. What soon became a regular Bikram yoga practise allowed me to gain huge leaps in confidence, and overcome my fears and emotions calmly and effortlessly. In time, the fear melted away, and I was able to take control of my life in a way I had never imagined possible. This experience inspired me to become a teacher and help others surpass their own expectations and achieve a sense of freedom and confidence to tackle anything. 

Like know what my classes are like? Expect energy and an absolute passion for the yoga and care for the students. A true Bikram fanatic, I practise six classes a week, including BYL Advanced at the lovely Canary Wharf studio! 




SUNDAY, 25 FEB 2018

MONDAY, 26 FEB 2018