Lizzie Pumer

"There is no destination... yoga is endless forever within you."


Specialisation: Bikram Yoga, BYL HOT Vinyasa Flow

Facebook: @BethPumerYoga / Instagram @bethpumeryoga / Twitter  @bethpumeryoga

Living in London but my teaching had taken me over the USA my secret soft spot is with Miami.  This is where I want to eventually open my studio…on the beach under the palms. I'm a sunshine girl!

Outside of the studio my passions are seeing the world.  My love of fashion having worked in the industry for 10 years. The music scene having grew up with a rock n roll father who worked with the Beatles. With the craziest upbringing I think has always been the reason I'm the wild free bird that I am. Also classically trained professional flautist who has performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

My yoga path has taken a turn as of recent. Finding an amazing teacher in Miami during my vinyasa training. I am currently studying the lessons of Yogananda and have recently become Reiki certified. Meditation is now a huge part of my practice and daily life. And I only want to take this deeper. I completed my Level 2 in Costa Rica and have a trip to an ashram in southern India planned.

Favourite pose is currently pigeon...

Favourite cocktail is old fashioned 

Slogan for life is "touch my bum, this is life" best lyric ever from the cheeky girls!!!

Favourite food is Japanese 

Favourite place is MIAMI MIAMI MIAMI

favourite tv show Twin Peaks 

Favourite film Lost In Translation 

Favourite music ANYTHING popular 

Favourite thing to do is dance 

My yoga is Bikram and Vinyasa. 

I LOVE BYL because as a central London studio the community is amazing. Such great standards set.  A sense of family is here. So welcoming to new teachers and students and I feel it's one of the only studios to want to progress both students and teachers individually and bring out the best in each of us. 

All I recommend is to be mindful. To breathe. And to surrender....




MONDAY, 26 FEB 2018

TUESDAY, 27 FEB 2018