Fiona Allen

"Yoga's not about touching your toes, but what you learn on the way down!"


Specialisation: Bikram Yoga, Inferno Pilates

Having worked professionally as a dancer and then qualifying as a personal trainer I always wanted to find a fitness substitute that would provide the same level of strength, muscle tone and as in my prior ballet training.

I went to my first Bikram class over 10 years ago and soon realised it had all the elements I craved. It was amazing for me as a beginner, but also powerful in how quickly it enabled me to develop even more flexibility and balance in addition to providing an unparalleled workout! When Bikram Yoga London Canary Wharf opened in 2009, it took things to an entirely new level as I realised how much potential there was and how supportive the teaching staff and community were.  

In time, I finally took the plunge and flew out to Thailand to attend the Fall 2014 Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Programme.

If you’re thinking about starting, there is no better time to do so as all change begins simply by taking the first step! I love the discipline and the challenge and the benefits of a longer and healthier life and am excited to be able to motivate my students.

Fav things: My golden doodle dog!

Fav artist: Sylvie Guillem, Ballet dancer

Fav posture: Garurasana (Eagle)

Fav place on earth: Bora Bora

Interesting fact: Worked as Angelina Jolie's body double as 'Lara Croft' in the Tomb Raider movie and also for Halle Berry in the James Bond film 'Die Another Day'!