Paul Davis

“A simple change can lead to an amazing new life.”


Specialisation: Bikram Yoga

I discovered Bikram yoga after 20 years working as a personal trainer. Having travelled extensively in South East Asia and India where I practiced yoga on a regular basis, I returned to London and tried to continue with other types of yoga in a cold sports hall or gym. It just did not feel the same. Having to rehabilitate after an  injury in a particularly cold London winter eventually drew me back to the hot room. 

After my first class I was absolutely hooked, and by the end of the first month, I realised that Bikram yoga was something special. In fact, I did every day of the Introductory Offer and just carried on for the next 120 days before eventually taking a day off! With further practise I decided to become a certified teacher. After completing the Bikram teacher training in 2009, I have subsequently taught in Las Vegas, Vienna and London.

 Bikram yoga has given me physical, mental and spiritual stability in my life, and I have met many new amazing friends on my journey. I want to share this with everyone who is brave enough to step into the hot room for the first time.

Fav things: Fitness, Travel

Fav posture: Trikanasana (Triangle Pose)

Fav place on earth: Phuket, Thailand. The people, and yoga are amazing!