Sangeeta Solanki

“The days are ticking by. Make each one special.”


Specialisation: Bikram Yoga

I discovered Bikram yoga after a minor skiing accident in 2003 where I twisted my left hip. Regular physio and gym exercise proved ineffective, and after a tip from a friend, I found herself one spring morning taking class in a hot room. Despite being generally fit I found it challenging, hot and sweaty! And had one of the best nights of sleep I had ever experienced. So I returned, again and again. I was hooked as I felt better each time I came. Over time the hip became realigned and I had gained immense strength and control. My passion for the yoga has intensified since. While I realised early on that the yoga was good for the body, I gradually discovered the power of the yoga on the mind. I love the clarity of vision, the immense positivity and total calm which I feel every time I practice. In spring 2008, I eventually completed the Bikram teacher training. Teaching has given me a greater appreciation of technique, the power of breath and immense satisfaction in being able to pass the passion on!