Jay Chitnis

Explore life. Seek challenges. Push through your limits.



While living a fast-paced life as a Mergers & Acquisitions investment banker in New York, Jay was a frequent gym-goer accustomed to running and weights. Finding these activities impacted his flexibility, he was told about an emerging style called Bikram yoga by a friend who explained that the heat and sequence of postures would help take his flexibility to an entirely new level.

His very first Bikram class, taken on Spring Street in Manhattan's Soho district, was a punishing 90 minutes and 26 postures in Bikram's "torture chamber" representing an experience unlike any other he had known. The day after the class, he was sore in what felt to be every muscle in his body, yet felt a powerful sense of exhilaration and achievement. Jay was instantly hooked. Subsequent sessions felt easier and the heat, initially an oppressive element, soon became a welcome part of his practice. As he travelled around the world managing over $4.5 billion in M&A deals ranging from sell-side engagements to hostile takeovers, Jay would search out the local Bikram Yoga studio as a way to detox and de-stress between client meetings.  Over time, Bikram Yoga has enabled Jay to reduce stress, improve flexibility and sharpen his focus when encountering any new challenge.

Now, among his various business interests, Jay is one of the founding Directors and investors in BYL, which he considers to be one of the most fulfilling projects with which he has ever been involved!