3 Months Unlimited £395

90 days, unlimited. Now, achieve.


What can one achieve within 90 days? Ask any dedicated practitioner and they’ll tell you the potential can be life-changing. A typical 90 minute Bikram yoga session is typically thought to burn over 1000 calories, allowing dedicated practitioners to totally redesign their bodies, achieving better health and improvement to all systems. 

Our hugely popular 3 Month Unlimited package gives you a clear timeframe to help you become more consistent with your practise and begin achieving your goals. With a simple commitment to one's practise, and a sensible approach to nutrition, we believe that just about anyone can surpass their expectations to achieve a healthier body and mind.

Commitment-free, all-you-can-yoga for three months. Now, achieve.


  • Valid for 90 calendar days from first class booked/taken
  • Attend any class, any time (excludes workshops and seminars)
  • You can attend multiple classes per day
  • You have 12 months to activate the pass 
  • Once activated, pass can't be frozen or extended for sickness, holidays or absences
  • General studio T&C’s apply