Our Story

A warm welcome from our founders! We hope you are enjoying your hot yoga practise at our fresh, newly-renovated Canary Wharf flagship studio. We aim to provide the ideal setting, highest standards of teaching, and pure inspiration to enable anyone, at any age and level of fitness to set and beat all expectations with bikram yoga. Come and take the first step, and experience the power of transformation.


    As long-time practitioners, we understand that yoga represents more than a means to achieve flexibility or get lean and yoga-fit. We want you to experience a new kind of energy - one that rejuvenates you physically and mentally, leaving you confident and ready to conquer new challenges at any age. To experience the kind of health you have possibly never enjoyed - a leaner, detoxed body, healthy joints, a calmer mind, and an absolute determination. Quite simply, we want this studio to transform your life. 

    From our first class, we were addicted to the power of yoga, its benefits, the challenge, accomplishment and empowerment it provides. We both took sabbaticals from our investment banking careers to become certified teachers in 2003. Returning to finance, rejuvenated and refreshed, we laid future plans to provide a dedicated, state-of-the art yoga venue where people of all ages and abilities would surpass their own expectations.  One day, we rather accidentally came across the perfect space located by the water at Canary Wharf, directly across from Lehman Brothers (now JP Morgan), and decided to finally embark on this exciting new project! 

    Your studio, now fresh from a brand new makeover, has been designed to bring harmony to your practise. We are excited to be able to offer something so enjoyable, healthy and fulfilling to the London community of which we are an integral part. Welcome to the BYL community! 

    Conny & Jay


    LIVE LIFE. EMBRACE THE ADVENTURE. Our founders came from high-powered investment banking careers, to build something new. A movement to be defined by change. POWERFUL, POSITIVE CHANGE. The type defined by a man, who at nearly 80 conquered Everest. Or the kind embodied in the person who doesn’t stop at the back of the napkin, but has the tenacity, confidence and burning desire to get up and do it knowing that Every Moment Counts.  

    Life is precious and short. Do you cruise through it only to wake up one day and wonder where it went? Or do you seize each day and treat it as a new chance to immerse in the wonder of life. EVER climbed a mountain? A really BIG one? Or parachuted out of a plane? Or done something far out of your comfort zone that despite the odds, you came to embrace as your life’s passion? Perhaps taking up surfing at 70. Or running. Or BIKRAM YOGA. Have you FOUND ‘that thing’ that makes you jump out of bed, excited at the sheer possibility of the day? 

    It’s THE race. The most important one in your amazing life. You compete against no-one, only TIME. Will you look back with regret at not having tried, having been held back by FEAR, or the belief that you 'couldn’t', or 'didn’t deserve to'? Or will you be satisfied knowing that you DID IT? That you had prepared your mind and body for the greatest race of all? Knowing you took chances despite the possibility of failure? Being happy that you were never conquered by the fear of failing? You have GOALS. DREAMS. DESTINATIONS. Are you content to exist, or are you ready to LIVE