An inspiring story of an 'OAP' who started his hot yoga journey at 68 years young, and completely transformed his life!

BYL regular John Lyddon has completed his 800th class at our Canary Wharf studio at the age of 70!

The honour of teaching it went to BYL teacher Marta Gruszka. "Wonderful energy in the 6:30am class. John rocking his 800th surrounded by 19 dedicated strong and focused yogis celebrating John's 800th class! He was 70 in AUG 2016 and is still going strong!"

But to paraphrase 90's singer Aaliyah, age is indeed just a number. John's simple commitment to set a goal and 'just do it' have given him the ability to power through a 90 minute Bikram yoga sweat session with enjoyment, dedication and the ability of yogis of any age. As one may imagine, he didn't start there, but simply worked his way up with dedication.  Now, he is fit, strong and capable of any activity he wants to enjoy, as one should be at 70. 


JOHN: "I feel HEALTHIER and FITTER than before. I have more ENERGY than I used to and feel like I am capable of ANY physical task."


WHAT BENEFITS HAVE YOU FELT FROM DOING HOT YOGA, AND HOW HAS IT INSPIRED YOU? I feel stronger, healthier and fitter than before. I have more energy than I used to and feel like I am capable of any physical task.  Also, I was diagnosed with glaucoma and was scheduled for a surgery. At a pre-op meeting, my physician checked my eyes and to his puzzlement the glaucoma had virtually disappeared. I cannot say with certainty that it was my 6 months of practising at your studio, but it is the only real thing I changed in my life. There was no dietary change, or medication, only the practise of Bikram yoga.      

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE JUST STARTING YOGA? Keep trying and don’t over think it! Do your best and you will see significant improvement."

This awesome achievement reminds us that you're never too old and it's NEVER TOO LATE to begin your own journey towards a healthier, fitter life. When John first started 4 years ago, as with the average person he was unable to balance on one leg or even bend down to pick up his foot. Today, he continues to excel in all the postures and practices in the front row as an inspiration to others 4 times a week. Come and see for yourself, bright and early at 6:30 am during weekdays.

“"Do your best and you WILL see significant improvements."”

DATE 20.8.2016