View our Winter Holiday Schedule and enjoy lots of chances to get your hot yoga practise in!


With the start of the December holiday season and Winter’s chill setting in, enjoy our BYL Holiday Schedule at our Canary Wharf studio! We are pleased to note we will remain open (with a modified schedule) virtually every day, so plan to get in lots of warm and hot yoga to beat the chill!

Plus, to kick off the New Year, we have two classes on New Year’s Day, including our special 2 hour traditional New Year's Beginners class with Conny!

1 December – 18 December:
Mon, Wed – no 12PM; All other classes as normal.

19 December – 25 December:
Mon 19 Dec – 6:30AM, 10AM, 5:15PM (J), 7:15PM
Tue 20 Dec – 6:30AM, 12PM, 6PM, 8PM
Wed 21 Dec – 6:30AM, 10AM, 5:15PM, 7:15PM (HPF)
Thu 22 Dec – 6:30AM, 10AM, 12PM
Fri 23 Dec – 6:30AM, 10AM, 12PM*HP, 5:15PM
Sat 24 Dec – 10AM, 12PM
Sun 25, Mon 26, Tue 27 Dec – CLOSED
Wed 28 Dec – 10AM, 5:15PM, 7:15PM (HPF)
Thu 29 Dec – 12PM, 6PM, 8PM
Fri 30 Dec – 10AM, 12PM (HPF), 5:15PM
Sat 31 Dec – 10AM, 12PM
Sun 1 Jan – 12PM, 4PM Special 2-Hour New Year’s Day Class
Mon 2 Jan - 10AM, 12PM, 5:15PM (J)

J = Jivamukti / HPF = BYL Hot Power Flow / All other classes are Bikram Yoga (60 or 90 min) 

To avoid any confusion, we always recommend booking in advance. To book a class, simply visit our online scheduler and select the classes you want to attend! See you in class this holiday season! ~ The BYL Team

Note: On Tuesday, 13 December, The Entertainer will be filming a short promotional sequence during the 4:30PM Bikram Yoga Express class. If you’re looking to get famous (well, for a brief moment!), be sure to come practise! Note, anyone who prefers not to be filmed in the class will be welcome to practise in a quadrant of the room away from the camera. We look forward to seeing you there!

“Beat the freeze and get your hot yoga practise in this December!”

DATE 30.11.2016


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